Discussion pages on wikispaces are very much like a blog with the advantage of having all class materials organized together. Follow the directions which follow.

Please complete the reading assignment on this page.

Reading Assignment:

I. "The Wonderful World of Wikis: Practical Classroom Wikis" at . Read/enjoy this useful PPT slideshow on wikispaces. (Plan to refer to this website from time to time as you develop your personal wiki this summer term.)

II. At the Heart of Good Lesson Design:

Begin by visiting Intel Education's web site on project and lesson design --

After completing this overview, read the three articles that follow.
a. Using Questions to Promote Learning
b. Developing Good Questions
c. Effective Questioning Practices

Once you have finished the assigned reading, respond to the discussion prompt which follows. Your response should reflect your point of view with strong support and quotations from the reading you completed, other commentary about peer entries, additional readings resources you can share.

Discussion Prompt:

I. Describe one tip from The Wonderful World of Wikis that you will definitely use as you develop your classroom wiki for this class or one for your own classoom. Show how it will make an improvement for your wiki site.

II. From the Intel(R) Education reading selections on the art of developing deeper meaning questions, think about the good lesson you shared with your group during class. a. What kinds of teacher questions do you remember? b. What kinds of questions did your teacher use to engage students like you? (Share what your teacher did to keep you engaged.) c. Describe some helpful ideas from the online articles you read that will help you as you design your instructional unit overview and lesson?

STRONG SUGGESTION: Frame your response on a Word doc that you can save onto the desktop. When you have completed spell check and are satisfied with your answer, do this:
1) Highlight your entire answer on the Word doc (CTRL A key).
2) From the drop down EDIT menu, select COPY.
3) Move to the class wiki discussion page to post your response.
4) Make sure your cursor is blinking on the discussion response page.
4) Select online EDIT again, then choose PASTE.
5) When you see your complete response on the discussion POST message, click SEND.
6) If, for some reason, you encounter an error message, the good news is that you have your completed assignment on the Word doc. Wait a while and then repost to the discussion page.
7) Once you know your response has posted to the discussion page, you will no longer need your Word doc, so delete it unless you want to keep a folder copy of all responses.

Once you have a response in mind, do this. Near the top of this page, you will see a "discussion" tab. Select this tab. When it opens, do the following:
1. For keyword, include your first and last name.
2. In the subject line, name the reading selection.
3. In the body of the message, provide a one or two paragraph response approximately equal to a typed, single spaced half page document response.
4. Finally, check the box for “Monitor this topic”.

From time to time, revisit this discussion page to see how others have responded to the reading and perhaps to your comments. Feel free to respond to classmates’ remarks as