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Please complete the reading assignment on this page.

Reading Assignment:

Welcome to the "Best Practices of Technology Integration in Michigan" landing page at http://www.remc11.k12.mi.us/bstpract/. FTE elementary teachers have created and used these lesson plans in their classrooms. Note that all lessons align with the Michigan framework of standards and benchmarks. Every lesson features good examples of integrated technology in the classroom for teacher instruction as well as enriching activities for students.

Look at the elementary content areas listed in the box below. Choose one area of particular interest and click on the subject area. For example, if you have a particular interest in language arts, click on that content area. You will be directed immediately to a host of elementary classroom lessons for various grades.

Fine Arts, Integrated Arts, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Special Education, Technology

Select one lesson and grade level you would particularly like to teach. Review the lesson thoroughly. Put yourself in the teacher's shoes and see how the lesson might unfold in your classroom. Think about the visual ranking activity we completed at the start of this course.

Your list of excellent lesson qualities from our Visual Ranking activity:

clear expectations
connections to real world events and family
appeal to students' interest and curiousity
open-ended/student centered
bonding/work with peers

Once you have finished the assigned reading, respond to the discussion prompt which follows. Your response should reflect your point of view with strong support and quotations from the reading you completed, other commentary about peer entries, additional readings resources you can share.

Discussion Prompt:

Think about the lesson you carefully reviewed. Provide a summary of lesson highlights -- just the facts, sir or miss! Then, think about the qualities of excellent lessons that we considered in the Visual Ranking Activity. What elements of lesson excellence does this lesson have. Include specifics/examples to support your opinions. How has technology been incorporated into the lesson -- for teacher instruction? for student activities? Describe an example of higher order thinking used in this lesson.

NOTE: Your carefully considered response is due next Tuesday, August 11th. :-)

STRONG SUGGESTION: Frame your response on a Word doc that you can save onto the desktop. When you have completed spell check and are satisfied with your answer, do this: 1) Highlight your entire answer on the Word doc (CTRL A key). 2) From the drop down EDIT menu, select COPY. 3) Move to the class wiki discussion page to post your response. 4) Make sure your cursor is blinking on the discussion response page. 4) Select online EDIT again, then choose PASTE. 5) When you see your complete response on the discussion POST message, click SEND. 6) If, for some reason, you encounter an error message, the good news is that you have your completed assignment on the Word doc. Wait a while and then repost to the discussion page. 7) Once you know your response has posted to the discussion page, you will no longer need your Word doc, so delete it unless you want to keep a folder copy of all responses. HOPE THIS HELPS! :-)

Once you have a response in mind, do this. Near the top of this page, you will see a "discussion" tab. Select this tab. When it opens, do the following:
1. For keyword, include your first and last name.
2. In the subject line, name the reading selection.
3. In the body of the message, provide a one or two paragraph response approximately equal to a typed, single spaced half page document response.
4. Finally, check the box for “Monitor this topic”.

From time to time, revisit this discussion page to see how others have responded to the reading and perhaps to your comments. Feel free to respond to classmates’ remarks as